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In the oil and gas industry, risk assessments are conducted to ensure the implementation of risk control measures, thus preventing the realization of hazards and maintaining a safe working environment. Consequently, understanding the meaning and relevance of common industry terms related to hazards is crucial. The following information provides explanations of basic terms used in […]

Analyzing the Causes of an Accident

To determine the true origins of an accident or incident, various techniques are employed. One such technique involves the continuous use of a questioning approach that asks ‘why?’ and then applies the obtained answers to create a causal tree analysis on a visual diagram. By applying this technique to the described accident, we can illustrate […]

“Comprehensive Accident/Incident Investigation Process”

1.1 Definitions 1.1.1 Significant InjuryA significant injury is one that is not categorized as ‘major’ but leads to the injured person being absent from work or unable to perform their full range of normal duties. 1.1.2 Major InjuryMajor injuries are those that pose a serious threat to a person’s health and well-being. 1.2 Outcomes – […]

Incident Case study, Oil rig Abu Dhabi

Case Study 1.2Location: Offshore Oil Rig, Abu Dhabi Incident Overview:On a typical day on an offshore oil rig in Abu Dhabi, the production operations were proceeding as usual. The day shift crew was responsible for a routine shutdown and maintenance of a key processing unit. During this maintenance, an unexpected incident occurred that led to […]

Benefits of Investigating Accidents and Incidents

Near Misses and Dangerous Occurrences:Investigating near misses and dangerous occurrences, even if they didn’t result in injuries, is crucial. The absence of injuries in one instance doesn’t guarantee the same outcome if the event recurs. Such investigations hold equal importance and provide valuable lessons for prevention. Categorizing Incidents:Incidents can be categorized based on their outcomes, […]


1. Safety and Compliance Check: 2. Electrical Systems: 3. Fire Safety: 4. Plumbing and HVAC Systems: 5. Structural Integrity: 6. Accessibility and ADA Compliance: 7. Interior Finishes: 8. Exterior and Landscaping: 9. Accessibility and Parking: 10. Signage and Wayfinding: – Ensure that signage for rooms, offices, and common areas is installed and accurate. – Confirm […]

Ensuring Safety at Heights: Understanding Working at Height Regulations in India

Introduction: The bustling construction sites and industrial facilities across India are a testament to the nation’s growth. Yet, with progress comes responsibility, especially when it comes to the safety of workers. One critical aspect that demands attention is working at heights. In this blog, we’ll delve into the regulations and guidelines that safeguard workers who […]

Confined Space Risks, Legal Framework, and Safety Measures

Confined spaces pose significant risks to workers’ safety due to limited access, poor ventilation, and potential hazards. Various laws and regulations worldwide emphasize the need for employers, safety officers, plant managers, and occupiers to ensure the safety of workers entering or exiting confined spaces. This study material explores the highlighted risks, legal framework, impacts, safety […]

Six sigma and safety

Six Sigma serves as a methodology with the primary goal of enhancing process quality by pinpointing and eliminating the root causes of defects. Within the realm of safety, these defects within processes can encompass unsafe behaviors, incorrect procedures, or equipment malfunctions, all of which carry the potential for causing injuries. Through the application of Six […]

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