The most consequential factor affecting the culture is the commitment to health and safety from the top of an organization. This commitment may be shown in many different ways. It requires to have a formal aspect in terms of an organizational structure, job descriptions, and a health and safety policy, but it withal needs to be ostensible during crises or other stressful times. The health and safety procedures may be circumvented or simply forgotten when engendering or other performance targets are threatened. Structural reorganization or transmutations in market conditions will engender feelings of skepticism among the workforce which, in turn, will affect the health and safety culture. Poor levels of supervision, health and safety information, and training are very paramount factors in minimizing health and safety cognizance and, consequently, the culture.

Finally, the degree of consultation and involvement with the workforce in health and safety matters is crucial for a positive health and safety culture. Most of these factors may be summed up as human factors.

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