Show that you are committed to keeping employees safe in the workplace by including health and safety in every aspect of the workplace.


You can demonstrate your leadership in health and safety in many different ways, including:

Run annual health and safety plans with your management team
Visible focus on health and safety in the workshop
Make health and safety a topic of daily conversation
Please visit your website(s) regularly to promote the Security Agenda
Set clear expectations and encourage accountability
Measure the results of health and safety activities
Promote near-miss check Promote
Training and investment in all areas of health and safety
Honesty and openness about health and safety issues
Strive to continuously improve the health and safety profile
Update annual health and safety plan
To create a workplace culture that values ​​health and safety, your organization must be transparent about the importance of health and safety in the workplace. The proper participation of your employees in all aspects of health and safety, including planning, implementation, and day-to-day activities, contributes to this transparency.

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